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双面胶 – 视频 – 播客 – 土豆网


古董软件:MS-DOS, FoxPro, HD-COPY, LL3, PCTools, 还有一些经典老游戏。 News, Jobs, Events …

Discloser.Net — 有产业参考价值的电子资讯研究网站 – Job Survival – Learn from our How-to Guide

Fortune China – 《财富》中文版

《回国驯火记》 Catching or Curbing the Fire in China 作者:安普若 – Where unprofessional journalism looks better

USBMan – The Webs #1 USB and USB 2.0 Help and Information Site – introduce Chinese culture, with related pictures of China, including the great wall of China pictures


未名空间 Unknown Space – mitbbs.com中国分站 –

简单生活® EZLIFE.COM.CN™(户外运动|极限运动|装备|滑板|轮滑|攀岩|滑雪|BMX小轮车|钓鱼)

唯美摄影 – 色友心得

对牛乱弹琴 | Playin’ with IT

I – 这个网站有意思

闲人大头 馨悦瞳話 UK 薇言耸听 Leicestershire, UK 小7.Tina.sEvEnTy7.. Loughborough, UK Winnie the DQ-addicted & Michelle’s little home Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 就做一个嚣张的上海女人 UK Vacation at a whim Loughborough, UK 蔻色的日记 Jiangsu, China BlackBox-神的孩子没有翅膀 England, United Kingdom sharon 在英国的日子 Newcastle, UK COSM0 ★OMS0C☆ Loughborough, UK Trista’s Blog Cardiff, UK 女巫 Manchester, UK 浮士德的幻想 Beijing, China 人生得意須盡懶 青島, China ★南安理会★ Shanghai, China K-PAX 南京, Jiangsu, China 小B的GOLDEN FAITH  Jiangsu, China Dangcing, flying Loughborough, UK K.D Shanghai, China

Wacky Vids – Funny Movies, Crazy Clips, Extreme Videos, Celebrities

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