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有关办公室的着装——Business Formal和Business Casual

Attire / what to wear

.: business formal :.
The following guidelines have been developed to address a Business Formal dress code. These standards are the protocol for many on-campus recruiter interviews and other occasions.
How Men Should Dress:
Conservative Suit: Dark, preferably a single-breasted, two-piece suit.
Shirt: Should be starched, long-sleeved with no fraying at the collar or cuffs.
Collar: Spread collar or button-down Oxfords are suggested.
Tie: Should be small-patterned.
Cologne: If you wear cologne, use it sparingly.
Shoes: Loafers or lace-ups with a low heel.
Socks: Should cover your entire calf – never wear white socks! Your socks should harmonize with the colors of your pants and shoes, not your tie or shirt.
Accessories: Tiepins or cuff links should not have insignia of groups, religions or organizations.
How Women Should Dress:
Conservative Suit: Formal, dark colours.
Skirts: Avoid short hemlines and patterned hose.
Shirts: Select blouses or sweaters that provide visual interest but avoid details that distract from your face as the focal point.
Shoes: Closed-toe and lower heel.
Hose: A must with skirts.
Accessories: Minimal. No clunky jewelry. Avoid long necklaces that may distract you.
Make-Up: Natural look is best, but if you must wear make-up, apply it minimally.
Hair: Clean and neat. Avoid styles that cover more than your forehead or need to be constantly brushed back.
Nails: Clean and trimmed fingernails.

.: business casual :.
Standards for what is accepted as business casual vary by organization. You will be able to determine what are the norms once you start to interact with people in these organizations.
You will find that most people will be wearing:
• Tailored slacks or skirts
• Shirts with collars
• Footwear with socks or hosiery
Basic guidelines for business casual dress require you to refrain from wearing:
• Jeans or capris
• Shorts
• Sports gear such as tank tops
• Jogging suits
• T-shirts
• Baseball hats
• Open-toed sandals (depending on the office environment)
• Anything that will call undue attention to yourself
Business casual for women usually consists of a nice pair of dress pants or a skirt, with a button-up blouse, simple sweater or cardigan set. Business casual for men usually consists of a pair of ironed dress pants with a long or short-sleeved dress shirt. Ties and jackets are optional.


When it’s hot and sticky outside, the temptation to wear clothes that are lighter, shorter and "less of" is very strong. However, some of those choices may not be suited for professional work environment. Business casual is defined as attire that maintains a professional look, but is less formal than the traditional "suit and tie."

So what does this look like in the summer months? It’s hard to say, based on one’s fashion taste … it’s really up to individuals to make smart business casual choices. However, staying within certain guidelines is essential to maintain Nissan’s corporate professional image.
To help you make your best dress decisions this summer and throughout the year, please remember these types of attire are NOT acceptable dress.
·          blue jeans (except on Fridays to support United Way)
·          shorts
·          T-shirts that show your midriff
·          tank tops, tube tops, mini tops
·          see-through clothing
·          flip-flops, running/tennis shoes, casual sandals, beach shoes
·          torn, tattered, distressed clothing
·          tight-fitting clothing
·          jogging suits, exercise wear, sweatpants, leggings, stirrup pants
·          clothing with commercial messages (except our company/product logo attire)

Clean, wrinkle-free clothes that are in good shape, worn neatly demonstrate the Business Casual look. Business Casual attire considered acceptable include:

·          Company-wear tops
·          golf and denim shirts
·          shirts and tops with collars
·          coloured denims, cotton pants/khakis, casual trousers/slacks
·          skirts, dresses, suits and co-ordinates
·          dress shoes, dockers and loafers, dress sandals

Reminder:  When meeting with external clients or attending meetings outside of the office, business attire should be worn.

Our company creates a working environment in which employees may wear business casual clothing. We believe each employee possesses the professional judgment necessary to decide what is appropriate attire on any day, given their daily business activity.

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