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给MSN Spaces提两条意见 – Two comments for MSN Spaces


一、Blog没有翻页功能。如果设定每页25个blog,那么怎样才能看到第26篇和更早的blog呢?在Home tab和Blog tab里都是一样,是否一定要进入Category呢?
(There is no Next Page or Next Entries in Home and Blog tab.  If we set 25 blogs per page, how can we move to the next page/entries to see the 26th and beyond?  Do we have to go to the Category?)

二、Lists不能更改次序,只是把最后修改的放在最下面。Lists是MSN Spaces的很好的功能之一,但是Lists根本来说不是blog,所以没有日志的意义,所以应该可以让作者根据自己的喜好或重要程度,可以在Lists上移或下移每个项目。
(Cannot change the order in Lists, by default, the last added or changed are added or moved to the bottom.  List is a very good feature in MSN Spaces, but it is not blog, doesn’t have to keep the order by date/time.  Is it possible to let the owner move the items up or down according to the preference or importance?)

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