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Why I cannot see my contacts in Mobile Live Messenger?

— this is still a draft —
This happened many times, and actually I hard-reset MyPal several times trying to figure out if there is any software conflicts with Live Messenger on Windows Mobile 6.  Here is what I found, based on some research through the Internet, this is a Mobile Live problem and there are workarounds.
It uses Windows mobile 6.0 Whenever I try to synchronized Windows Live it always fails to do so with my contacts; worst whenever I sign in on Windows live messenger all my contacts appear off line. My friends can see me on line but I can not see them. I was able to synchronize my contacts only the first time when I programmed the Windows Live with my account the first time. It does synchronize my mail without problems.
1, Windows Live : See yourself Online.
2, Messenger : 0 contacts online … expand Online, nothing … expand Offline, it seems everyone is offline which is not true … but your buddies can see you’re online, they can initiate conversation with you but you cannot.
3, Sync : Synchronizing folder list … Inbox … folder names … Synchronizing Personal settings … Synchronization Failed.  Connected.
Symptom 2 and 3 may or may not be related.
1, Windows Live : Click menu – Account Options.  Select Switch Account, retype your password/username and follow onscreen instructions. … these steps actually reset your Live account.
2, recommend (if) you log off from windows live when you connect via your pc.
This is the list of possible solutions for the "contacts" issue that I received from Windows Live Mobile support maybe it helps with your current one.  Please follow each of the instructions below and then try to sign in again on your mobile device when instructed.
A. Try to change your Windows Live Messenger display picture.
– We have received reports from other customers experiencing similar sign in issues.  They were able to resolve this issue by removing their saved display picture.  Please try to do the same:
1. Sign in to Windows Live Messenger using a computer.
2. Change your display picture to a default picture.
3. Try to sign again on your mobile device.
The "no picture display" option is not in the portable device but in the desktop version of Windows Live messenger. It is in "Tools" then "Options" then under "Personal" unmark the "show my display picture and allow others to see it". 
B. Clear browsing History and files.
1. On a Windows Mobile 5 and 6 phone, open Internet Explorer.
2. Click on the “Menu” and then click on “Tools.”
3. Select “Options.”
4. Click on the “Memory” tab.
5. On the Options page, “Clear History” and “Delete files.”
6. If you are not using a Windows Mobile 5 or 6 phone, consult your user manual for specific steps on clearing cache and history of visited websites on your device.
7. Try to sign in to your account again.
C. Re-synchronize your account.
1. Using your mobile device, point to “Windows Live.”
2. From the Menu, select “Account Options.”
3. Click “1 Clear Password.”
4. Follow the instructions to re-type your password.
5. Sync again.
D. Try to sign in to Windows Live using a different email address.
1. Using your mobile device, point to “Windows Live.”
2. From the Menu, select “Account Options.”
3. Click on “2 Switch Account.” When prompted with a confirmation, choose “Yes.”
4. Accept the License Agreement then sign in using a different account.
E. Sign in to the WAP version of Windows Live Mobile.
1. Open your phone’s Internet browser.
3. Sign in to your MSN or Hotmail account.
Another possible solution — upgrade your firmware with fixed Live Messenger if your hardware vendor provides.
Okay folks … here’s a little run down on what I have found here. The problem _HAS_ been fixed. It just depends on the build of Windows Live Messenger  you have on your mobile device.
I have two Windows Mobile 6 Devices
1) HTC Titan (aka Telus p-4000)
2) HTC TyTN II (aka HTC Kaiser)
WLM Versions are as follows:
1) Titan: 10.6.0028.2700 —- my version
2) TyTN II: 10.6.0031.2600
Now I know that just because the version on my TyTN II is newer doesn’t mean that it’s neccesarily the fix; however, I believe that this is the case. To recreate the issue successfully (every time), all one needs to do is the following:
Sign in to WLM as your current user. The first time everything works fine. Log off, log on, it still works fine. It will continue to work fine until…… you reboot your phone. This is done by either powering the device down, or hitting the reset button. This does NOT include when you put the device in to standby mode.
When you boot up the phone again, and try and sign in. You will sign in, and you will see all of your contacts offline.
Applying this methodology the newer version does not experience the same problems. As with everything you are dependant on your carrier, or manufacturer to update the ROM to fix this issue.
There are some enterprising individuals who have extracted the latest found WLM from a ROM and put it in to a cab file. It is able to be found on the internet and you should download at your own risk. I can confirm that the latest version I could find (Windows Live does in fact fix the problem under testing with my Titan.
I won’t post any links to the .cab file because I don’t want this post to be deleted, but I’m sure you can find it using the googling machine
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