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“The client could not connect. You are already connected to the console of this computer. A new console session cannot be established.”

How did I find this problem?  There was a power outage, my Workstation in the basement rebooted and hanged at POST.  I turned on my Dimension upstairs as usual when I came back home, and tried to remoted to Workstation, I got this error.  I went to the basement, let the Workstation boot up and logged in, didn’t see anything unusual.  Have read a lot of articles and posts, finally, I found the IP address I thought is used by Workstation is actually used by Dimension – I was literally connected to the console of this computer! 
If you really have a problem in connecting to your Windows server or other machine, the following links may give a hint.
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  1. Gravy permalink
    2009/07/17 8:18 AM

    This problem also occurs when you hook a router to the machine and its gateway is Windows sees the 0.1 as a connection to the loopback adapter. Vista complains about this when using RDP but XP doesn\’t. I figured out that if you set your gateway to something like then your Remote Desktop Connection to Vista will work again…

  2. 2012/04/17 12:03 AM

    I face a similar kind of issue. I turned off my laps and when turned on again, this error message is prompted when i try to rdc the server. Please let me know what was done to resolve this issue.

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