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I’ve unlocked my Nokia 6620

Thanks to the Internet!
This unlocked my Rogers Nokia 6620 on the First Try.  I wanted to use it with other SIM card.
Press *#06# at your phone keyboard to get your IMEI#
Go to
Use Nokia DCT4 online Calculator at top of page
Put in your IMEI#
Network: Canada – Rogers AT&T Wireless 
GEN: Original
Nokia Model: (They do not list a 6620 but check code 1 result for other models ie. 6610 and you will find that the codes are all the same number. It worked for me!)
Click on Get Codes
Use Code #1
   Your code will look like this "#pw+848541463562537+1#". This was my number (modified) but your number will most likely look different.
   You can type # by hitting # key
   You can type p by hitting * key three times
   You can type w by hitting * key four times
   You can type + by hitting * twice
Bingo!  You will get the message ‘SIM restriction off’!
Take out your old SIM card
(Enter Code #1 – optional, it was in a message from an Internet forum.  I didn’t use this step, and it let me put my wife’s Fido SIM card and it works, not sure if that because Fido is part of Rogers now, but anyway, I got the ‘SIM restriction off’ message already.)
Enjoy the unlocked phone!
Update – I’ve used my phone in China last month, bought a China Unicom pre-paid SIM card, put in, it’s working perfectly.
The drawback of using this phone is it cannot show Chinese characters, and the signal is not good in PVG airport.
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