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CSS ADAM Port Numbers for ISA Server Enterprise

From the port-number list at
msfw-storage 2171/tcp MS Firewall Storage
msfw-storage 2171/udp MS Firewall Storage
msfw-s-storage 2172/tcp MS Firewall SecureStorage
msfw-s-storage 2172/udp MS Firewall SecureStorage
msfw-replica 2173/tcp MS Firewall Replication
msfw-replica 2173/udp MS Firewall Replication
msfw-array 2174/tcp MS Firewall Intra Array
msfw-array 2174/udp MS Firewall Intra Array
You should also see connections for:
msfw-control 3847/tcp MS Firewall Control
msfw-control 3847/udp MS Firewall Control
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