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Today is not just another day on the Earth

So many news today …
  1. Nortel files bankrupcy.  The stock price of TSE:NT went below C$0.10, lowest at C$0.08, compare to its highest C$124.50 in year 2000 (before the 10-to-1 reverse-split).  15,562:1, do the math, how brilliant Mr. Z is!  Not just Mr. Z and his predecessor, All Nortelians should be ashamed!
  2. Carol Bartz, who was with Autodesk and Sun Micro, is now the new CEO of Yahoo!  Yahoo has lost its way for about 10 years.  Will Jerry Yang come back some day and revive the company he founded?
  3. Steve Jobs is taking medical leave of absence from Apple.  See this Newsweek cover about 15 years ago.  (Forgive me for stolen the picture from a very good Mac fan website – Low End Mac)

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