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I am going to re-org my space lists in the next few days.

Today, I found many links in my space lists are either inactive or discontinued.  I want to kick them out, and re-categorize the list.  It should include the followings personal lists:
  • 博客部落 … some of my favourite blog links
  • 网友相册 … some good online photo albums
  • 朝花夕拾 … my posts in other blog sites
  • 多伦多实用手册 … useful links if you live in Toronto(GTA)
  • 参考|其它 … online reference links
  • 欧游杂记 … this is my blog about the trip to Europe
  • Just Notes … this is my vocabulary, new words.  You know, I am an ESL student.

For the technical stuff, I haven’t decided, it would contain these:

  • Information Technology …  all about computer, Internet, the industry, news, etc., may include commercial/official non-tech sites
  • Internet – shall I add one here, for the Internet trends, tips and stuff?
  • Microsoft Tech Sites … Everything interesting from MS official website, blogs will put in the next category
  • Focus on Microsoft, eh? … Blogs from MS guys, mvps, fans, etc., all about MS
  • Windows & Tools … More technical stuff, focus on Windows platform and tools, from all sources except MS.
  • Exchange/Outlook + LCS/OCS … I am thinking about changing this to UC, which includes email message, instant message and unified message topics.
  • Security – ISA, TMG, IAG … MS security efforts.

Anything else?  seems already too much to manage.

For the blogs, I also want to re-org, but found that I cannot sort, rename the categories.  Microsoft should fix this.

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