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Never ever install this kind of software! There is no free lunch!


近来, 文学城没有了跳出式广告, 却引进了如下的恶意软件链接.

Recently, a website I access everyday started popping up this kind of message.  Be careful, the ‘antivirus’ software it introduces is Trojan malware, which could affect your system very badly.

Here is how it looks, gets your attention, and eventually lets you install the software.

You will see this pop-up first.  What?  My PC is affected.  I don’t believe you, close this pop-up.

Clicking the ‘X’ or ‘Cancel’ or whatever will bring you to the next window.  Is this your system?  See it again?  I don’t think so.  Close the window.

Again, it won’t close, just gives you another pop-up message.  You know, at this stage you cannot get rid of it, just click ‘Cancel’ or ‘X’.

Another pop-up, actually this is not a pop-up, just another web page from  See, it can scan your system so quickly.  Too good to be true.  Don’t believe it, just try to close the window.

It will give your warning again,

and again.

Finally, it will show you what it wanted you to do.  DO NOT CLICK RUN!!!  If you download and run the exe, your PC will become a zombie.

Just click ‘Cancel’, this time you can close it.  Don’t forget to run a legitimate virus scan after all, and also tell your friends to be careful.  There is no free lunch, just buy one from a decent software vendor.

There are two websites talk about this malware site, it seems there is solution if your PC got affected.  You need to know how to modify Windows registry and there is no prove of the solution, also I do NOT encourage you download the “automatic remover” from these websites.  You either do it manually by yourself or give it to someone you can trust.

Here are the websites:

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