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Watch HDTV Over The Air (OTA)


Bought a Philips indoor HDTV/TV/FM antenna.  Tested from my home as North as Major Mac, it can find around 10 HD channels on a day with perfect weather like today.  If it can pass the tests on a rainy day, I will put all the wires inside the wall and call Rogers say bye-bye.

Called Rogers early this month and cancelled HD box subscription.  Then I changed to a TERK HDTVa indoor antenna last week.  This one is more powerful and can get 17 stable high definition channels.  Here is the list of channels I’ve found.

2.1   NBC HD Buffalo
4.1   CBS HD Buffalo
5.1 CBLT CBC HD Toronto
7.1 WKBW ABC HD Buffalo
9.1 CFTO CTV HD Toronto
11.1 CHCH CHCH HD Hamilton
17.1   PBS HD Buffalo
23.1 WNLO UPN HD Buffalo
25.1 CBLFT CBC French HD Toronto
29.1   Fox HD Buffalo
36.1   CTS HD Hamilton
41.1 CIII Global HD Toronto
44.1 CJMT Omni2 HD Toronto
49.1   MyTV HD Buffalo
57.1 City City HD Toronto
64.1 CFMT Omni1 HD Toronto
66.1 CKXT Sun TV HD Toronto
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