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How many harddisks can you have in a ProLiant DL380/DL385 server?

Once, I got this questions from a guy sat at the other end of the interview table.  Until now, I still don’t know why he asked such question at the time, but as a former ProLiant product manager, I could have given him a seminar on the generations of Compaq/HP ProLiant servers.  Years after, I just want to share the answer to the question with fellow system administrators and those want to be.
The following info are from website, you can get update at any time by searching "QuickSpecs" in
  • Compaq ProLiant DL380
  • Compaq ProLiant DL380 G2, G3 (typo: Six 1", NOT Six 6")
  • ProLiant DL380 G4, DL385 (G1)
  • ProLiant DL380 G5, DL385 G2, DL385 G5
  • ProLiant DL380 G6, DL385 G5p 
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