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I have 20 Google Wave (preview) Invitations.


Drop a message, I will send you the invitation.

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  1. Nee permalink
    2009/11/02 11:42 PM


  2. Unknown permalink
    2009/11/05 9:35 PM

    I would love an invite please, if you have one to spare!I\’m theschaus AT gmail DOTT comThanks!

  3. Unknown permalink
    2009/11/06 6:14 AM

    Please, send me one, i work as sistem manager and llike to try it with my partners.Thank you.yavien1 AT gmail DOT com

  4. Brandon permalink
    2009/11/11 10:47 PM

    hey, if you have any invites left, could you send one to me at you find it out of the kindness of your heart could you also send me a message at this email to let me know you sent the invite?Thanks~SparkFast

  5. Brandon permalink
    2009/11/11 10:50 PM

    Also, if you have any extras, could you send one to my brother at and send me an email confirming his invite aswell? Thank you so much.

  6. Wei permalink
    2009/12/10 9:27 AM

    22 left, seems they gave me more.

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