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iLO “Remote Console is unavailable. It is already in use by a different client”

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When you  try to access the iLO Remote Console on some servers you sometimes get the message “Remote Console is unavailable. It is already in use by a different client”. But there is no other client connected to the iLO on that server. How can you “reset” the Remote Console connection (from remote) to access the server through the iLO again?

Solve the problen by simply going to “Administration -> Settings -> Network -> Apply” (no changes to settings and just applying the current configuration)

It disconnects all connections, you may able to connect the remote console now.

Source: — this is a pretty good blog for WinTel system admins.

Another solution:

When using the integrated remote console on a HP Blade Server and you get disconnected for whatever reason you get the error message “The Integrated Remote Console is unavailable; it is already in use by a different client.”.

This is a common problem and is apparently working as intended, though it can be annoying. To fix this you need to turn on “Remote console acquire” within the iLO of the system.

Log into iLO and select Remote Console / Settings
There you will see settings that allow you to enable:
– Remote Console Acquire
Acquire allows you to terminate the current remote console session to attach a new one. The current user is notified.

You can also click on Remote Console Share but you will need to purchase another license key for the functionality of having multiple users using the remote console at the same time.


For Blade:

One more solution:

If you’re using HP iLO (Integrated lights out) and get this message it is because another user is either using the iLO or somehow it’s locked up.

One way to get around this is to reset it under the web settings for the iLO if you have access to it. Under the System Status tab, you can go into diagnostics and there is a button to reset iLO2.

Note that will kick off anyone currently using it, but who cares as long as it helps you right?


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  1. iLO User permalink
    2012/01/15 11:19 AM

    Hey thanks man, this really solved it!
    My own idea was powering down the server, fully by the UPS but that would kill half my system…
    This did the same, but then without ever bothering the services running on the server.
    Nice one!

  2. Randy permalink
    2012/03/23 11:55 AM

    Re-applying the changes worked!!!

  3. jonna permalink
    2012/09/21 4:01 AM

    Thank you for the quick solution! (Administration -> Settings -> Network -> Apply)

  4. 2013/04/11 1:04 PM

    my apply setting key is grey out so what to do do apply network settign to kill all open sessions

  5. Erik L. permalink
    2013/05/16 12:45 PM

    Great quick fix.

  6. Leonardo Macedo permalink
    2013/06/28 11:04 AM

    You are the man.

  7. kossi permalink
    2013/08/23 5:02 AM

    Thanks man

  8. Harti permalink
    2013/10/04 10:07 AM

    Worked for me cheers

  9. ram permalink
    2013/10/23 10:19 AM

    good solution is worked.

  10. pee brain permalink
    2014/05/20 2:21 PM

    Boom, simple yet effective

  11. Jeevan Singh permalink
    2014/07/31 9:10 AM

    Thanks, it’s useful … :)

  12. 2014/09/29 10:26 AM

    Thank you. This worked a treat for me.

  13. Anvar permalink
    2015/04/02 6:52 PM

    It is working for me .. Thanks

  14. 2017/02/13 11:12 PM

    Reblogged this on Process Studio.

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