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Expand VHD, then extend the volume


Play with a quite old virtual disk image, after a couple Windows update, the operating system starts complaining.  I have to expand the disk, it’s 4GB at the time, but how?

First, I found this tool on the Internet –VHD Resizer.  Here is the website, and you have to sign up to download the tool.  But it’s free, which is better than other tools I found on the Internet.

Install and run the VHD Resizer is pretty straight forward.  What you need to do is just locate the old VHD file and give a name of new VHD file.  After the resizing, you get bigger virtual hard disk.  This VHD includes your original partition and an expanded un-allocated partition.  Next step, you need to use diskpart or other tools to extend the original partition.

Since the system volume cannot extend itself, I put the new VHD under another VM as secondary disk and extended it from there (or you can use vhdmount command line).  Now I connected it back and got a 10GB VHD.

Here are some useful articles:!D7F85948C20F0293!247.entry

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