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How do I reboot, power cycle ProLiant server in iLO?

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The options to restart a server using the iLO are contained under the virtual power tab.  You can do one of four options:

  1. Momentary press – this is like pressing the power button on your laptop/pc or server, with Windows 2000 and above (if I remember correctly), it should cleanly shut down the operating system.
  2. Press and hold – this is like pressing and holding the power button, it will turn off the computer completely and will not cleanly shut down the server.
  3. Cold boot of the system – this effectively powers off the server and restarts it.
  4. Reset system – this is the iLO way of rebooting it without cleanly restarting the operating system, if your server has hung and wont respond, this might be the option you select.
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