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Reboot server can resolve many VCAgent problems


Last weekend, on one server, I updated HP Version Control Agent from to using HP Version Control Agent.  The installation was successful and the status code was 1, which means reboot was not required (unless the status code = 2).  But when I tried to bring up the VCAgent interface again to continue update the rest tools and drivers, the Inventory page could never show up.  I tried to refresh the page, close and open browser, it still didn’t work; luckily the log page could load and show error messages like “Unable to Collect inventory”, and “An error occurred while parsing XML data” like the following.

imageThen, I googled, and found there are quite some discussions on HP IT Resource Center Forums.  Many of them are way too complicated, involving credentials with VC repository, or delete the file under %system drive%\hp\hpsmh\data\cgi-bin\vcagent\vcagent.options, or need to uninstall and reinstall VCAgent, or write a batch to stop and start the services, and some are even talking about the ports (2301, 2381, 280) that used between a VCAgent and the VC Repository (SIM server).  Hey, what I didn’t do and what I thought I didn’t have to do?  Reboot.

So I rebooted the server, brought up the browser and voilà, the page was loaded and I could continue the update.

Later, when I updated other tools and drivers, the VCAgent hanged again, and almost every time, I had to reboot the server, and every time rebooting was able to fix the issue.

Windows 101 – rebooting can always fix some problems.  Again, HP failed to document this trick.

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