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Why tried to download xd_proxy[1].css ?


Today, when I opened, there is a prompt in the Information Bar asking me to download a file or not.  At first, I thought it was just a pop-up blocker.  Later, when I got complaint from users about other sites (like, I started thinking this might be some kind of SQL-injection again.


For the research purpose, I clicked “Download File…”.  The Notepad was opened with the file name xd_proxy[1].css; the content is like this:

.app_content_51546247891 a.uiLinkSubtle { display: none; }
.app_content_51546247891 a.UIImageBlock_ICON_Image { display: none; }
#bootloader_Zvucx { height: 42px; }

The file was also saved in the browser cache folder.  I am not sure if those site are all contaminated.  It seems the code are all from the same source.  Hopefully css file is not that executable outside of the browser.

People are talking about this on the Microsoft online society and other forums.  Thanks to some smart minds, the source is found.  Guess what?  It is from the Facebook.

Here is sample code on

FB.init({appId: '2427617054', status: true, cookie: true, xfbml: true});
if ( ! window.ChesscomFB ) var ChesscomFB = {};
ChesscomFB.share = function (url) {
var params = { method:'stream.share' };
if (url) {
if (url.indexOf('/') === 0) url = ''+ url;
} else {url = location.href;}
if (url.indexOf('utm_source') === -1) url = url.replace(/\?|$/, '?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=sharelink&').replace(/&$/,'');
params['u'] = url;FB.ui(params);}

All sites that have this version of Facebook embedded code would have the same problem.

Here are some discussions on Facebook developers society:

and here is the root cause and Facebook bug report:

This one is more specific:

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