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Hey Yahoo! What else can you sell?

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Some time last week, Yahoo quietly stopped the TV Listing service from its My Yahoo options.

imageNo big deal, but there are inconvenience.  Still, we can see movie schedules of some cinema in Canada, since Yahoo really cannot manage their resource very well nowadays, nor can I customize them again.

imageLast night, big news!  Again Yahoo played it quietly.  Maybe people are already used to these kind of news.  An email came to my Yahoo mailbox said Yahoo is selling Delicious, in Yahoo’s word – Delicious has a new owner.  LOL.

image I was wondering just a week ago – Why Yahoo was so shy to put its much famous logo over Delicious in the login page.  Ah!  They were in the middle of a deal.  Maybe eventually, Yahoo will become just a legend.  We will see the once Internet giant spin-off Flickr, Monster (or HotJobs, eh?), Mail, Messenger, …

I feel really sorry for Yahoo!  Not very disappointed though, because I still have my Yahoo Bookmarks. LOL.

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