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Sears Canada is going to close for good, finally.


Paid a visit to Sears Canada this Black Friday. The percentage discount sign is everywhere, from 10% to 40% upon the lowest marked price. There is also another 10%-off sign on many shelves with fineprint only if you spend $50 or more by Sears card. The store is like a huge warehouse. I don’t think there is anyone really sort out all the goods, also cannot believe Sears could hoard so many craps and survive on markup prices for so many years.
Even with the discounts, there is really nothing attractive in the store. No wonder the news early this week said Sears is going to close all the business in Canada. Anyway, I picked 3 pairs of socks before leaving the store. Each has the original tag says $7 for one and $16 for three, and all socks can have 25% off on the lowest marked price. But when I checked out, I found this is actually a scam. The receipt showed each was charged $5.25 (25% off from $7) plus tax with total almost $18. My math tells me they should be $12 (25% off from $16 when I buy 3 pairs) plus tax. I wanted them returned, but with the huge “All are final sale, No return” sign at the check-out, they have to talk to the manager. Finally, they reversed the transaction, but cannot give me any proof if there is any dispute on my credit card statement.
Alright, shopping at this store is just full of scam and hustle, who would go back and spend one more cent in Sears Canada? They should be closing for good.

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