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Hiragana and Katakana


The J-Sub Experiment

Today, we are finally going to make actual Hiragana and Katakana lessons, i.e. we’ll be telling you what you need to know about them and what’s the best way of going about learning them.

First, Kana come from Kanji; and Kanji comes China. The word “Kanji” itself means “Chinese Characters.” かへや

Kanji was developed to suit the needs of Sinitic languages (the Chinese family); and it does so very well. Japanese is not a Sinitic language and, though it has used Kanji in its writing for centuries, it is not exactly efficient… (I’ve said this a dozen times.)

Second, you don’t need to know the Kanji origins to learn the Kana. It’s something cool to be aware of, but for practical purposes it’s trivia. It starts becoming important if you’re interested in old texts and Man’yougana and things like that.

Third, don’t be fooled into believing that Hiragana is used exclusively…

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